February 14th, 2016
Waxing Crescent Moon

Summer 2009 Newsletter

The Clark Planetarium 2009 Summer Newsletter is here.  Download your PDF now and share it with your friends and family. Download the Summer 2009 Newsletter (PDF)

What is gravity?

A common answer to a child’s question of “Why do things fall?” is, “Because of gravity.” But knowing the name of something does not mean that we understand it. Originally, “gravity” was simply the built-in tendency of most objects to…

What is the Doppler Effect?

Stand on the sidewalk and listen to the sound of a car as it approaches and passes by. You will notice that the pitch of the sound is higher as the car approaches and then becomes lower as it moves…

Clark Planetarium partners with NASA for Flight to the Moon

Download the Clark Planetarium partners with NASA for Flight to the Moon (PDF)

“Flight to the Moon” transports audiences for space exploration

Many of us at Clark Planetarium are excited for the launch of NASA’s LRO/LCROSS unmanned space craft on June 17.  Not just because the prospect of returning to the moon to gather in depth data about the moon’s features is…


Love the sunset? Watch the Moon rise, too.

Wanna impress your sweetheart? Do you love to watch the sunset? This weekend you can add a bonus to that favorite activity on a warm spring weekend night.