February 12th, 2016
Waxing Crescent Moon

What’s in a name?

How many stars are in our solar system? If you answered hundreds of billions, you are not alone. That is the most common answer I hear. The correct answer is…one. The Sun is the only star in the solar system.…

Seth Jarvis

Why are planets spherical?

Anthony Garcia wrote in to ask, “Why are planets perfect spheres, or at least appear to be perfect?” Nature loves spheres. It can’t get enough of them.

DEBUNKING the Great Mars Hoax (again)

It’s August and we’ve been getting calls at Clark Planetarium from people wondering if Mars will appear as large as the Full Moon this month. So goes our yearly battle with the Great Mars Hoax that started in 2003. Each year,…


Perseid Meteors — Favorite of the Year

The Perseid meteor shower is arguably the most well-known meteor shower of the year. In fact, John Denver’s hit “Rocky Mountain High” includes a reference to his fascination with watching the Perseid meteors from the mountains of Colorado. The song includes the…

Seth Jarvis

Evaporating Comets

This week’s Cosmic Quiz winner is Mary Newland, who asked, “Every year I like to watch the Perseids meteor shower. If the meteors are continually being shed, why does the comet not cease to exist?” That is a great question! As…

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“Cool Summer Nights” lecture series

Download the “Cool Summer Nights” lecture series (PDF)