February 10th, 2016
Waxing Crescent Moon

California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser Feb. 16

Clark Planetarium is raising dough with the help of California Pizza Kitchen in The Gateway…But we can’t do it without you! On Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011 California Pizza Kitchen will donate 20% of your check to Clark Planetarium education programs…

Valentine’s Date Night with Clark Planetarium and Megaplex

Create your own Hollywood romance with a special Valentine’s Dinner and a Movie Celebration. Clark Planetarium and Megaplex Theatres have combined to give you the ultimate Valentine’s Day package and we’ve covered all the details.  Enjoy an exquisite Italian dinner…

Seth Jarvis

I’m an Ophiuchan

A billion years ago, on January 26th, I was in the early days of my career at the old Hansen Planetarium and I got a phone call from a woman with a question. “My sign is Aquarius, but today’s my birthday…

Seth Jarvis

A brief look back at 2010

When I became the director of Clark Planetarium in 2001, the “you’re kidding me!” news was that there have been discovered as many planets orbiting stars other than our Sun as there are planets in our own solar system. As…

Take your next event to the stars

Being in charge of planning a party or corporate event means you’re in charge of creating an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression for your guests. The more unique the venue and experience, the better. Clark Planetarium’s space-exploration themed building…

Robert Bigelow

Greatest elongation times two

Now is the time to see Venus and Mercury! Venus is at greatest elongation on Saturday, January 8 and Mercury is at greatest elongation on Sunday, January 9.

Strap into the cockpit for Legends of Flight

Clark Planetarium is currently playing Legends of Flight 3D in our ATK IMAX® Theatre.  Legends of Flight focuses on the behind-the-scenes development and design of the aviation industry from classic model planes to the new Boeing 787.  Audiences will journey…

Now hiring: Show Distribution Assistant

An integral piece of the Clark Planetarium production model relies heavily on the management of fulfilling requests from institutions acrpss the world for digital content we develop. If you enjoy working in a dynamic team environment and love all things…

Seth Jarvis

Mmmm… feel all that perihelionic warmth?

As I type this (noon, MST, January 3) Earth is at a distance of 92,955,807 miles from the Sun.  This is the perihelion, the point in our planet’s slightly elliptical orbit where we are closest to the Sun.