July 6th, 2015
Waning Gibbous Moon

Smallest Moon of the Year

Remember a couple weeks ago, March 19th, 2011, and all the hype about a big Full Moon? If you paid attention to the science, you learned (or already knew) that the Moon orbits Earth in a slightly elliptical orbit. This…


Spring is Here

The vernal equinox, or March equinox, occurs on Sunday, March 20th, 2011 at 5:21 pm MDT. This marks the astronomical beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. It is on this day that the Sun crosses the celestial equator in…

Seth Jarvis

A Big Bright Full Moon

Tonight (3-19-11) at around 8PM (MDT), as the Moon is just rising in the east, the Moon will be within a few hours of the place in its orbit where it’s at an unusually close distance to Earth of about 221,000…

Former astronaut to speak about ISS mission on 4/26

Clark Planetarium will host a special presentation by five-time astronaut and ATK vice president of Strategy and Business Development for Space Launch Systems, Kent V. Rominger (Captain, USN, Ret.) on Saturday, March 26, 2010, from 2 – 4 p.m. Capt.…

Robert Bigelow

Observing Mercury, far and near

A milestone in the exploration of the planet Mercury will occur during the best evening opportunity to observe this planet during 2011. On March 17, the MESSENGER spacecraft will go where no spacecraft has gone before, into orbit around Mercury.…

Seth Jarvis

Let’s play Earthball

Cy Davis asked, “If we were to make an exact duplicate of a waterless earth the size of let’s say a basketball… would it roll like a sphere? I don’t think so. So my question is… Was the earth ever…

Talia Butler

Clark Planetarium partners with UMFA for art and science

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is hosting Art & Science Artful Afternoons this March with activities and learning opportunities for the whole family.  They will explore air, fire, water and Earth through art-making and scientific experiments focusing on a…

Mike Murray

“Gateway to the Stars” March program

As we look for great objects in the night sky to practice our observing skills on, what are some of the best examples for late Winter and early Spring? Last month we focused a lot on the constellation of “Orion,…

Talia Butler

2011 Summer Camp schedule

Clark Planetarium is partnering with Red Butte Gardens and Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum this summer to bring you several exciting camp opportunities.  Campers will experience hands-on learning that is educational, innovative and fun.    

Talia Butler

Coming Soon to the ATK IMAX Theatre

This March, Clark Planetarium’s ATK IMAX Theatre will add two new films to our scheduling line up.  Mars Needs Moms will open at Clark Planetarium on March 11th in the ATK IMAX® Theatre. This 3D computer-animated sci-fi film tells the story of…