February 6th, 2016
Waning Crescent Moon

New theatre programs

Several new films will be coming to Clark Planetarium during November. First Flying Monsters 3D will be taking over the ATK IMAX Theatre, Friday November 4.  Then Starry Tales opens November 18 in the Hansen Dome Theatre. This film introduces famous constellations…

Flying Monsters concessions deal

Satellite Snacks at Clark Planetarium is announcing an amazing introductory promotion! We continually feature new items to enhance your movie-going experience and the release of Flying Monsters is no exception!

“Gateway to the Stars” – Pegasus and Andromeda!

On Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 our next “Gateway to the Stars” presentation will feature the central region of the Autumn skies; the constellations of Pegasus (The Winged Horse) and Andromeda (The Chained Maiden). You might remember those names from the…

Robert Bigelow

A November observing challenge

During the first half of November the planets Mercury and Venus will appear close to each other in the evening sky. The challenge is seeing them. The difficulty arises from the geometric relationship between Earth’s axis tilt and its orbit at this time of year. We will experience a 25 hour day on Sunday, November 6 as Daylight Saving Time ends. The Leonid meteor shower peaks on the evening of November 17, but light from a last quarter moon will interfere with the view for those observing after midnight.

What’s new at Planet Fun – plus our member sale!

This year for the Holidays the Planet Fun Clark Planetarium Store is going all in on cool science toys and kits.

Dress up for the Super SciFi Celebration 10/22

Join Clark Planetarium and UEN for a Super SciFi Celebration! This fun family event will include a special screening of the classic Plan 9 From Outer Space on Saturday, October 22 from noon to 3 p.m. at Clark Planetarium at The Gateway.