February 11th, 2016
Waxing Crescent Moon
Rob Morris

Groundhog Prognosticators

[reposted for 2012 without alteration from 2011] It’s Groundhog Day!  I know…it’s hard to contain your excitement.  It’s that day each year when a mammal is held up in front of a crowd of people.  If it’s a sunny day…


Sunday Hours of Operation Changing Slightly

Beginning Sunday, February 5th, 2012, Clark Planetarium will slightly modify its hours of operations. This change affects Sunday evenings only.

Explore the night sky at REI

There’s nothing better than camping on a warm summer night and looking up at the stars. But have you wondered what are you really looking at? On February 28 at REI, a free program, Night Visions, will teach you to…

“Space Junk” is falling in the ATK IMAX Theatre

Space Junk is not just in the news, Space Junk 3D is in the ATK IMAX Theatre starting February 3, 2012.

Next “Gateway to the Stars” is February 11

This month’s installment of “Gateway to the Stars” will take place on Saturday, February 11 instead of the normal first Saturday of the month.

Seth Jarvis

Fobos/Grunt is falling!

You think living on Mars would be dangerous and difficult? Try just getting there! Of the 38 Mars mission launched from Earth so far, exactly half of them arrived at Mars in operating condition. A case in point is the…

“Gateway to the Stars” on January 7

We may have passed the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21, when the sun takes its lowest path across the sky) and the “Birthday of the Unconquered Sun” (Dec. 25, when the ancient Romans first noticed the sun’s path climbing higher again),…


2012 Perihelion

Happy Perihelion 2012! Okay, so it’s not a commonly-celebrated event. Nevertheless, January 4th, 2012 is a significant date for the year, at least astronomically. Perihelion occurs on Wednesday, January 4th, 2012. This marks the time when the Earth is closest…

New exhibits hit the floor at Clark Planetarium

Thanks to the hard work from Clark Planetarium’s education department, we have two new additions to our free exhibits. The first is a full size model of a Mars Exploration Rover. The second, a 24 inch plasma ball, is similar…

Seth Jarvis

Looking back on 2011 and moving into 2012

The chant among Clark Planetarium staff in 2011 was “Two Point Oh.”  We’re dreaming big dreams and making big plans for transforming ourselves and our facility into a “next generation” planetarium. Last year, we gave our ATI IMAX a much-needed…