A New Side to the “Dark Side of the Moon”

The most successful ongoing music entertainment show at the Clark Planetarium is Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” soundtrack. Since its original debut in the Hansen Dome Theatre in 2003 (as a tribute the 5.1 remix of the album’s 30th anniversary), the show has undergone several visual enhancements as our dome theatre itself went through upgrades and additions. These include better visuals, lasers, and lighting effects.

The latest renovation to the Hansen Dome Theatre last Fall has given our producers the ability to present more striking detail, color, and contrast that was never possible before in music show choreography.  As a result, our digital artists have made some extraordinary improvements to many parts of the show! These changes are also reflected in special effects that are performed live by our “VJ’s,” such as 3-dimensional art and scenery that can swirl around and even “swallow” the audience.

But more changes are coming!  More complex laser displays and additional theatrical lighting effects will be introduced over the course of this year. These will give “Dark Side” audiences a chance to feel a more striking variety in what comes out of the dome – a more “multi-dimensional” experience. It’s part of the plan to make the “Cosmic Light Shows” evolve into a new style – a new form based on what you, our audiences, have been asking for!

Dark Side of the Moon plays every Friday and Saturday night at 11:00 pm. The show is a joint effort of Clark Planetarium Productions and Starlight Productions of Salt Lake City.

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