Annular Eclipse 2012

Duke Johnson

For us, enjoying the eclipse meant enjoying it as much by ourselves as possible. With throngs of people anticipated in the major towns on or near the centerline, we opted to spend the event at Cedar Breaks National Monument.

credit: Duke Johnson / Sun spots being eaten

We arrived about 4 hours early to do all of our testing, focusing, etc. to make sure everything worked right. We carried far more gear than we liked, but headed out to the same bristlecone grouping where I took my night shot last July 1. There were only a few other people there to enjoy the event and we got to spend it with the 1600 year old tree–wondering all the while how many eclipses the oldest of the bunch had actually seen.

At maximum annularity, the light was very reduced. The quality of the light was interesting as well. The landscape was bathed in a very low level of white light. We had expected it to be a bit more like sunset, but were surprised. Shadows were greatly diminished and the sky grew a deeper blue in the directions away from the sun. It was much colder than it had been and this lasted for about an hour. This made the snow melt slow and help the trail firm up for our trip out.

credit: Duke Johnson / Annularity on the verge

The image sequence is only from just after first contact until maximum anularity. I think my favorite shot is when the large group of sunspots is about to get gobbled up by the moon, but the image of the limb of the moon just beginning annularity is a close second.


However you chose to view the eclipse, I hope it was great and memorable. I know if was for me and mine!

credit: Duke Johnson / Annular Eclipse 2012

credit: Duke Johnson / Ancient Bristle cone silhouette


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  1. Duke, I have lost your cell phone # and can’t get anywhere by calling Clark Education so will you email me so I know you have received this. Can you or Robert do our Space Teacher training on Nov 10 from 8:30-12:30 here are Creekside for 3rd and 6th grade teachers. would like to concentate on the moon. thank you so much

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