AstroGuy returns with “Night Visions” at REI

Seth Jarvis

By day I am a mild-mannered administrator at a major metropolitan planetarium.

I also have a secret identity.  When the need arises I can, no phone booth required, become AstroGuy.  I don’t wear tights (trust me, you don’t want that), and I have no cape (because I saw what happened to Syndrome in The Incredibles).

Nope – all I need to be AstroGuy is my trusty laptop, a projector, a screen, a dark room, a bunch of people seated on folding chairs in front of me, my laser pointer, and an hour or so.

AstroGuy can talk a blue streak about astronomy and show amazing pictures describing upcoming cool stuff in the night sky: Constellation and star identification, eclipses, transits, planetary oppositions, satellites, stargazing and a slew of other astronomy-related whatnot.

Last month AstroGuy made an appearance at the Salt Lake City REI store and everyone had a really good time. No villains were apprehended, but lots of way-cool astronomy information was shared.

AstroGuy returns to that same REI store in Salt Lake City (33rd East & 33rd South) at 7PM on Thursday, April 19th.

There’s lots of whizbang astronomy to talk about, not the least of which is the upcoming opposition of Saturn (April 15th), an Annular Solar Eclipse (May 20th) and the Transit of Venus (June 5th).

It’s free, but you need to pre-register online at the REI website. 

Don’t dawdle; seating is limited.

AstroGuy will be there.  Will you?

Now all I need is a John Williams soundtrack.

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