ATK IMAX Theatre remodel update

At the beginning of October we started a large-scale remodel project on the ATK IMAX Theatre with the anticipation of reopening that theatre to the public at the end of October. But, as construction projects can sometimes go, we have encountered an issue that has caused a delay in our schedule.

This week we were informed by the contracted seating manufacturer that they would not be able to deliver our theatre seats per the terms of our purchasing agreement. After reviewing options and talking with other qualified vendors, Clark Planetarium has entered into an agreement with Booth Seating to supply and install new seats in the IMAX Theatre as soon as possible.

A rigging crew working in tandem to lower the old IMAX screen.

A rigging crew working in tandem to lower the old IMAX screen.

Booth seating has agreed to rush the seat order for us, but the theatre will not be able to open until mid November. We are now targeted to re-open the ATK IMAX Theatre on Friday, November 19, the opening date of the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I IMAX movie.

We will continue to provide updates on the remodel as we get closer to our opening date. In the meantime, visit our YouTube channel for time-lapse video of the remodel process, including some fascinating footage of the 70-foot wide by 5-story high screen being taken down.

Remember, the Hansen Dome Theatre and Planet Fun Clark Planetarium Store and free exhibits remain open while we are working to improve your IMAX Theatre experience.

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