Attack of the Space Pirates explores new territory

When I say “territory,” I don’t just mean new destinations in the Milky Way Galaxy!  This is a show that goes into a storyline and visual style unlike anything else we’ve ever done.  It’s not a science documentary-like show, but it’s not a little kids show either.  It’s our first “action/adventure” approach with plenty of science and photo-realistic scenery to excite space travelers of all ages!

A detailed look at the evil pirate ship in Attack of the Space Pirates

A detailed look at the evil pirate ship in Attack of the Space Pirates

Attack of the Space Pirates is that show.  It’s a 35-minute feature designed to keep children and adults engaged and entertained as they experience a wild ride through the galaxy on a journey with all of the great sci-fi story elements: mystery, conflict, intrigue, fun, ingenuity, battle, hope and discovery.  It’s our most ambitious digital dome cinema project to date, including amazing sound effects by George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound.

Join the crew of the Starship Intrepid and travel through hyperspace to visit real destinations. You’ll encounter supergiant stars, rogue planets, a black hole and more in your quest to find and assemble a wormhole generator. On your journey, you’ll use real science to help solve the numerous challenges thrown your way. If you survive the dangers of space, a band of pirates will be waiting to take what is yours.  You’ve never experienced an immersive adventure like this!

Bring your family with showings daily.  Visit our website for  more details, the show trailer and show times!

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