January 25th, 2017
Waning Crescent Moon

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Robert Bigelow

A New Year’s Eve Planet Conjunction

On New Year’s Eve, the planet Neptune will appear 0.1 degrees north of the planet Mars. While Mars is visible to the unaided eye, you will need binoculars or a telescope to spot Neptune. The best time to observe them…

Amy Oliver

Hands-On Holiday Toy Shop 2016

Hands-on Holiday Toy Shop is back with a Christmas wish that not even Santa can make come true: you can try all the toys before you buy them. That’s right. Hands-on Holiday Toy Shop is back at Clark Planetarium’s Planet…

Nick Jarvis

Night Vision: Space Technology Spinoffs

Dear reader, If you’re viewing this, we probably share many sympathies for astronomy and space flight. I mean, if you’re reading a newsletter for an astronomy museum, I’m probably preaching to the choir to say, “Holy cow, oh-wow-oh-wow-oh-wow human beings in…

Robert Bigelow

Night Vision: Observing the Sky as an Astronomer

Many people may have a mistaken assumption that they need to own a telescope to get started in astronomy. In reality, there are many astronomical phenomena that are observable with just the eyes. These include; stars and constellations and how…

Amy Oliver

Ready Set Relaunch Party

Ready to “Relaunch” with Clark Planetarium? Join us Saturday, October 22, 2016 for good fun, food and prizes! We’ll be giving away prizes randomly in every show of the day, so don’t miss out on this awesome experience and chance…

Brandon Crowley

Night Vision: Exoplanets

In August, scientists from the European Southern Observatory announced the discovery of a planet orbiting our Sun’s closest stellar neighbor, Proxima Centauri. Although this planet still holds many mysteries, the limited information that we’ve gathered about Proxima b suggests a…

Amy Oliver

Thank you for your support!

Thanks to the support of our generous donors and sponsors, our “Next Giant Leap” gala was an explosive success, followed up by a blast-off  ”Ready Set Relaunch” party. Next Giant Leap Gala Sponsors: Ready Set Relaunch Sponsors: Vestar Goldman Sachs…

Paul Gibbs

Night Vision: Mars

Mars has always occupied a special place in our imaginations. Storytellers from Edgar Rice Burroughs to Ridley Scott have woven tales about the exotic red planet, causing us to dream of going there. From the early days of Giovanni Sciaperelli’s…

Amy Oliver

$4 tickets to all shows during construction

After two weeks of being temporarily closed, we were thrilled to reopen our doors on Saturday, September 17th. Our exhibits galleries, however, must remain closed as we continue to build out the most complex components and inner workings of our…

Amy Oliver

Clark Planetarium Temporary Closure

We’re working hard on our renovation and we’ve hit the point where we need to shut down for a couple of weeks as we blast through the past and make way for all-new worlds and exhibits for you to enjoy.…