January 17th, 2017
Waning Gibbous Moon

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Special Guest

Special Night Vision: Cassini’s Mission to Saturn with Bill Dunford

NASA’s Cassini mission is exploring the planet Saturn, its stunning rings, and its collection of weird and wonderful moons. Cassini sends home breathtaking pictures almost daily, and its team of scientists announce intriguing scientific discoveries on a regular basis. Find…

Nick Jarvis

Gateway to the Stars: June 2016

Let’s talk about summer, baby. Summertime is prime-time for outdoor activities, so you’ll probably have lots of opportunities to look at the sky. When the weather is nice and the nights are warm, it’s easy to stay up a bit to enjoy some stargazing. If…

Brandon Crowley

Night Vision: The Lives of Stars

What is a star? In technical terms, it’s a big old steaming ball of plasma. But what does it mean to be a star, and how do they get that way? That’s what we’ll explore in Night Vision: The Lives of…

Robert Bigelow

Night Vision: Robotic Exploration

While the Apollo astronauts took three days to reach the Moon, a trip to another planet in our solar system takes many months or many years. These travel times highlight the need to send robots instead of people to explore…

Amy Oliver

Pardon Our Space Dust! New Worlds Coming Soon to Clark Planetarium

For over 50 years, we have brought the final frontier to the Salt Lake City and greater Utah communities, and we’re always looking for new ways to broaden our horizons. As we head for the home stretch on our 50th…

Nick Jarvis

Night Vision: Space Technology Spinoffs

In this week’s installment of our live Night Vision series, we’ll be looking at “Space Technology Spinoffs,” i.e., technology we employ here on Earth that has been derived from technology we invented for space travel.​ (Unless you believe Agent K, of course.)…

Paul Gibbs

Night Vision: Mars at Opposition

On May 22, 2016, a special event occurs in the night time sky: Earth and Mars will be at opposition. During this opposition, Mars and the sun on are direct opposite sides of the Earth, bring Earth and Mars the…

Special Guest

Night Vision: Amateur Astronomy

What is amateur astronomy?  What can I see in the night sky?  Can I participate without a lot of expensive equipment?  How do I get started? This presentation will address these questions.  We’ll tour dozens of visible objects outside the…

Amy Oliver

Clark After Dark: Rock the Dome

“Rock on Demand” became a Clark Planetarium fan favorite when we paired some of the best classic and modern rock songs with dazzling laser imagery and full-dome CG effects. And now we’ve one-upped ourselves by splitting one show into two,…

Duke Johnson

Night Vision: Mercury Transit

On the morning of May 9th, Mercury will slide across the face of the sun. The planet will rise in Utah with the event already in progress.