May 28th, 2016
Last Quarter Moon
Nick Jarvis

Gateway to the Stars January 2016

Season’s greetings! I hope everyone’s found some joy and fulfillment at the solstice, and the myriad celebrations associated with it. As we mentioned last month, winter is particularly special because the region around the famous constellation of Orion happens to have many…

Jesse Warner

Night Vision: Meteor Showers

The sky is falling. On any given night of the year you might be lucky enough to spot a shooting star streak across the night sky. What’s your first thought? Do you make a romantic wish? Do you panic because the sky…

Nick Jarvis

Gateway to the Stars December 2015: Solstice, Meteors, and more

December is upon us! It’s dark, the Sun set before you even left work, your breath steams out of your nose while the frosty ground crunches under your feet, and the overnight low temperature will be about 20 °F. So… now let’s sit outdoors under the…


Night Vision: A Century of General Relativity

A century ago, Albert Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity, which radically changed our understanding of gravity. Einstein proposed that gravity results from the curvature of a blend of space and time that is today appropriately called space-time. Space-time…

Nick Jarvis

Gateway to the Stars November 2015: Marvelous Meteors

When you’re stargazing throughout the year, your experience will differ depending on the season. From our place in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer gives us lovely warm nights and a spectacular view along the Milky Way while Winter features some of the brightest…

Amy Oliver

Celebrate International Animation Day with Clark Planetarium

Did you know? Clark Planetarium has our very own team of animators! They make many of the presentations and light shows that play in the Hansen Dome Theatre that you have come to love, like Accidental Astronauts and Led Zeppelin.  But that’s…