Celebrate with the Bad Astronomer – April 11

Celebrate Clark Planetarium’s 10-Year Anniversary in our current location at the Gateway on April 11, 2013, with our special guest speaker Phil Plait, PhD. Dr. Plait is a former NASA scientist, author, international speaker, and creator of the popular “Bad Astronomy” blog.

Phil Plait's most recent book, "Death From The Skies."

We invite you to buy a ticket for $125/person to eat dinner with Dr. Plait that evening before enjoying his lecture. There will be a seat at each table available for him to sit and chat with you one-on-one before the lecture. If that’s not your style buy a ticket for $30/person, which includes just the lecture and dessert afterward. Students and teachers please contact us for a discount.

Guests with a dinner ticket will start the evening with a cocktail reception on the main floor of Clark Planetarium. During this time, we invite you to check out our exhibits, as well as the space-themed student art exhibit created especially for out 10-year anniverary. Guests will then enjoy dinner on the third floor and a chance to speak with the Bad Astronomer himself. After dinner, guests will be directed to the theatre where Dr. Plait will give his presentation.

Phil Plait, "The Bad Astronomer."

For questions or more information about tickets please contact Carl Malaret at cmalaret@slco.org or 385-468-1223.

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