Chasing the Aurora Again: The Coast

Duke Johnson

The weather here in Tromso is very cloudy. We waited until late in the day and tried to catch a small gap in the clouds near the coast. The aurora and moon were out, but not for long. The dense clouds only allowed us to get a few shots in before everything went dark. There was a five minute outburst that turned the ground and water green, even from VERY dense clouds. (***That’s the shot with the water and mountains that’s really green).






Today is rain/snow/sleet and high winds. We’re hoping for a little better for tomorrow but the forecast is for completely cloudy.

A day later….

In a post to our other blog that will likely be entitled “Nerds in the Norwegian Night” or something similar, you can read about our adventure to the Lyngen Alps. We drove for over 3 hours near sunset to the only place where the satellite predicted a cloud break for about 1.5 hours. After arriving around 8 p.m., we sat in the car in the rain and wind and worked on our respective projects on our laptops. Around 10:15 p.m., I looked out and noticed a small gap forming. We sprang into action and drove about a mile down the road to find beach access. While the northern lights weren’t much, I did get a really cool time lapse of the moon and clouds. The single is the moon and Jupiter in the upper left over the Lyngen Alps.


Aurora near Lyngen Alps. credit : Desert Skies

Aurora near Lyngen Alps. credit : Desert Skies

Aurora near Lyngen Alps. credit : Desert Skies


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