Chasing the Aurora Again!

Duke Johnson

We had such a great trip to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories last March in search of the aurora, that we decided to do it again. While I thought I would be on my own, I will again be joined by Dr. Cherilynn Morrow (Solar Physics, formerly NASA and SETI and a huge presence in the field of informal science education) and Will Stoll, an engineer that is currently teaching physics and nearing completion of his PhD in Education.


credit: Desert Skies

The three of us are embarking on this self-funded two week trip to chase the aurora in Tromso, Norway in order to later be able to share the experience with others. Last year we got hundreds of photos and one 5 hour full-dome, 180 degree fish-eye time lapse sequence on the last day that we are going to try to do more time lapse. Plans are to do more traditional time lapse with regular lenses and even more fish-eye work for the dome.

We’ll be splitting up the work so that while I try my hand at time lapse, Dr. Morrow will be blogging and Will will be processing photos. That will make for some VERY long nights/days.

One of the chief challenges is finding clear skies. Tromso is most often cloudy, so we’ll be driving between 100 – 400 km/night to get to clear skies in often colder locations.

We’ll be roughing it quite a bit, but at least we’re not camping out…as we had initially planned. I know that all of us are excited to see the fjords and get an amazing array of trees, water, and mountains in our photos. Now, we just need the weather, Sun and Earth’s magnetic field to cooperate. You can follow us on our trip through this new blog site. I will continue to post my perspectives here. Stay tuned!

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