Clark Planetarium transforms for HP7 premiere party

On November 18th, Clark Planetarium will be transformed into the magical world of Harry Potter.  Join us for our Premiere Party from 8 pm – 11 pm.  Our premiere party combines educational activities and entertainment to make this an experience guests will remember for years to come.

Guests can get here by broomstick or car……or they can ride the Hogwarts Express (TRAX) to Station 9 ¾ (otherwise known to Muggles as the TRAX Planetarium Stop).  Once here, guests will step into Harry’s shoes and embark on a mystical journey filled with magic, scientific wonder and excitement.

combineGuest will be sorted into their respective houses using the powerful technology of our Science on a Sphere exhibit.  Guest will receive an acceptance letter and their house crest buttons.  From there, guest will be guided by their class schedule to an array of exciting activities.

Animal experts from Hogle Zoo and Living Planet Aquarium will be on hand for guest to get up close to and learn about some of their favorite magical creatures including owls, spiders, ferrets, birds and snakes.  Wizardry can be found around every corner as guests are mesmerized by fortune tellers and the talents of Century, the magician.  Learn the secrets behind some of the magical elements of Hogwarts with science demonstrations by our education team on air pressure, electricity and optical illusions.  And don’t forget to stop by our Hansen Dome Theatre for short presentations of some of our best Cosmic Light Shows.  Before you end the night, make sure you stop by Honeydukes for snacks made by the house-elves and don’t forget your photo booth souvenir.

Make sure membersyou enter our costume contest for great prizes or enter for a chance to visit the new Wizardry World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  Tickets for our Harry Potter Premiere Party of $15.  Show tickets and Premiere Party tickets are sold separately.

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