Our Cosmological Context on 10/3

On Thursday, October 3, Jason Steffen, PhD. returns to Clark Planetarium. Dr. Steffen will give a special presentation of Night Vision titled “Our Cosmological Context.”

image courtesy of NASA

image courtesy of NASA

Dr. Steffen describes his upcoming lecture as the following:

We live in a unique environment under a thin atmospheric shell on a small rock orbiting a small star on the outer rim of an average galaxy. Yet, this rather peculiar circumstance enables us to understand some of the most fundamental mysteries of the Universe we inhabit. I trace our history from the primordial soup of subatomic particles through the cosmological dark ages through the formation of stars, planets, the solar system, and Earth. Along the way we will see some of the paths that we fortunately passed by, follow some of the paths that other worlds have taken, and investigate the prospects for other fortunate souls living in their own unique environments on their own rocks orbiting their own stars.

Tickets are $2 for members and $5 for non-members. Buy tickets. Find out more about Hansen Dome Theatre shows.

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