April 28th, 2017
Waxing Crescent Moon

Classroom Connect


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It’s a new FREE program (Utah Public Schools Only) for 3rd & 6th grade classes offered by Clark Planetarium to enrich your astronomy core. This digital interactive visit will bring an expert to your classrooms, even when we can’t physically be at your school. All you need is a computer and projector. (We can often accommodate all of your classes in one day, which further reduces your setup.)

For 3rd grade classes, the program consists of three parts.  First, we provide a pre-visit activity that will help your students understand that sunlight provides both light and heat.  Second, we have the actual presentation. During this, your students will have a two-way communication with a planetarium expert as he or she guides your students through a variety of topics, including the shapes of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, as well as why things move through the sky over the course of a day.  There will be plenty of time for questions and answers. The final part is a provided post-visit activity that will have your students building their own sundials so that they can really follow the movements of the Sun through the sky and associate that with the time of day.

For the 6th grade classes, they can pick from the following topics; “Scale, Size, and Distance” or “Technology in the Solar System”. Pre and post activities for these lessons are currently in development, and should be ready in the near-future.  Currently the visit consists of just the live portion of the presentation.

The only hardware you will need for this experience is a computer and a projector.  Many of your classrooms already have these devices.  We will send a package to your school with the webcam and a USB drive with the software and instructions on it.  Just plug both into the computer, follow the few simple instructions, and it is ready to go in minutes!  We will do a test connection a day or two before the presentation just to make sure everything is working fine. When we’re done, simply return the equipment in the postage paid box. It costs you nothing!

If this sounds like an exciting learning experience for your students, please contact the Clark Planetarium to schedule your presentation.  We expect the remaining slots to fill up fast, so make sure you schedule soon.  You can contact our reservations department at 385-468-1227, or email reservations@clarkplanetarium.org.