December 22nd, 2014
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Field Trips

School reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance, and can be made up to 12 months in advance.

There are many different options. Please review this information before you call. Reservationists are ready to assist you during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 9-5).

Don’t forget to book your FREE Science on a Sphere Presentation with your visit. *Note pricing for out of state schools, private and parochial and homeschools without district affiliation.

School reservations: 385-468-1227, or email

Clark Hours of Operation

Clark Planetarium opens to the public at 10:30 am. School groups may arrive as early at 9:00 am during the regular school year. We close following the start of the last program of the day.

To ensure clarity regarding Clark Planetarium’s school pricing, please review the updated guidelines below:

The Value Season Discount tickets for the ATK IMAX Theatre are $4/person during visits that take place from September 1st through February 28th . This pricing is available to all schools during that time period, as long as they meet the reservation requirements of scheduling at least two weeks prior to their visit date.

During all other months IMAX Tickets are $6/person for all schools. In order to receive the school discounted price of $6/person, schools must schedule reservations at least two week in advance of their visit.

The Hansen Dome Theatre is free to all Utah Public Schools, Charter, and District Affiliated Homeschool students. Also, one free adult (teacher/chaperone) is given for every 10 students. Any additional chaperones are $6/person. Again, schools must schedule the visit a minimum of two weeks in advance of the reservation.

Science on a Sphere (SOS) presentations are free to all Utah Public Schools /Charters/District Affiliated Homeschools.

For all other schools, Private/Parochial/Non-district affiliated Homeschools/out of state, SOS presentations are $3/person. However, if a Dome or IMAX show is paid for, the SOS will be free of charge.

Admissions to Hansen Dome Theatre programs are as follows:

Utah public schools: Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Students are free, adults are free at a ratio of 1 adult per 10 students. Additional adults are $6.00 each provided they are booked and paid for as part of the school reservation. Homeschools with district affiliation are welcome to attend under the same policies and procedures as Utah public schools, and must provide the signed affidavit from the affiliated school district.

Private schools and out-of-state schools are subject to regular ticket prices and group discounts.

Payment may be made in advance, upon check in, or via purchase order (PO’s are for Utah Public Schools only). Payment must be made in one payment by the group leader, including extra adults. Adults who are not included in the group payment must purchase their own ticket at regular ticket prices. This includes adults scheduled with the group, but who arrive late.

Admissions to IMAX Theatre programs are as follows:

IMAX® films: Public School/Charter School/Homeschool w/district affiliation price is $6.00 per person for students, teachers and parents. There are no free admissions to any IMAX film. This $6.00 ticket cost is tax-exempt.

SEASONAL DISCOUNT: Save when you book during our special value season. Utah Public, charter schools, and homeschoolers can receive tickets to the ATK IMAX Theatre for just $4.00 per person for school field trips of 20 or more from September 1 through February 28 when booked through our reservations department.

Call Now For Additional Details: 385-468-1227

Exhibits? Store? Concessions?

In addition to our theatre programs, we also offer our exhibit halls, retail store and concessions stand (popcorn, soda/drinks, candy) available upon request. Please let our reservation staff know if you would like to have any of these services open for your group.

*Student specials: $1.50 for popcorn and a drink when ordered at time of making your reservation.

NOTE: Food & drink are not allowed in the Hansen Dome Theatre. Food & drink are allowed in the ATK IMAX Theatre. If you do not make the request, your group may be excluded from these areas, based on requests made by other groups visiting at the same time.

New! Science on a Sphere presentations

As part of your field trip experience, you may add (free of charge) a 20-minute presentation on the lobby sphere exhibit (maximum 100 students, please). This interactive presentation will provide your students with information on a topic choosen by the teacher. Click here for more information and details of the various ‘modules’ (topics) you can choose for your visit.

ATK IMAX or Hansen Dome Theatre: What’s the Difference?

The ATK IMAX Theatre is a large-format, flat screen film theatre. It is 55-feet high and 70-feet long. Our IMAX theatre seats 288 people, with room for up to 8 wheelchairs. Most IMAX films are shown in 3D with special glasses provided. Some are in 2D. To learn more about IMAX technology, visit

The Hansen Dome Theatre (aka Star Theatre or Planetarium Theatre) is a domed theatre 50-feet in diameter. Our Dome Theatre seats 190 people, with room for up to 4 wheelchairs. Dome Theatre programs involve state-of-the-art animation and the latest in planetarium virtual-3D projection. Many programs, especially for schools, include live interactions with our trained presenters and education specialists.


What shows are available? Click on the title to be taken to the show’s individual page. All of these titles are available for school schedule. Not all of them are on the current public schedule. You must have a minimum of 40 attendees to select a Dome or IMAX title. Parentheses indicate suggested grade level, not restricted to grade level.

Hansen Dome Theatre (newest shows at top):

Elementary Science Core Curriculum Shows (Skywatch for 2nd/3rd grade)

(Fits 2nd/3rd grade curriculum standards)
Experience sunrise and sunset and watch the moon change shape over time. See how Earth’s rotation causes the motions of the Sun, Moon, and stars, and see the spherical Earth, Moon, and Sun from Space.

(Fits 3rd grade curriculum)
Watch the Moon move through the sky and see the spherical Earth, Moon and Sun from space.

Skywatch 6th Grade Science Core Curriculum Shows
(select two topics for your scheduled program)

  • Skywatch 1 MOON
    Students will view the Moon and its phases from Earth, as well as watch the Moon as it orbits around Earth, creating the phases.
  • Skywatch 2 SEASONS
    Students will experience the changing height of the Sun in the sky at different times of year as well as see Earth and its tilt as it orbits around the Sun.
  • Skywatch 3 SOLAR SYSTEM
    We will focus on the planets and their attributes, as well as the technology being used to observe and understand our solar system.
    Learn how to find seasonal constellations and gain a new appreciation of size and distance in the universe.


ATK IMAX Theatre (newest shows at top):

NOTE: All film titles and availability are subject to change. Contact us for additional details. Remember, our exhibits are a great compliment to our theatre programming, and exhibits are always free.


What information do I need to provide when making a reservation?

Please make sure you have the following information ready before calling our reservations agent or emailing your reservation request:

  • School name, address, phone number.
  • School district (if not a Utah public school, are you a charter school, out-of-state school, private-parochial, private-non-parochial, or home school with or without school district affiliation?)
  • Name of lead teacher chaperone, including email address and cell phone contact, if available.
  • Number of students and grade level.
  • Number of teachers
  • Number of non-teaching chaperones.
  • Do you have anyone in your group who requires wheelchair seating? How many?
  • What time are you able to arrive?
  • What time will you need to leave the Planetarium?
  • If you are a Utah Public School or Charter School you must annually send us a copy of your signed, tax exempt certificate, TC-721G.  (**email to ). If you are a Home School with school district affiliation please, please email us a copy of the certificate/letter you received from the school district ( ).
  • A homeschool with affiliation must always provide a current copy of the affidavit from the school district.
  • Preferred show date (please have three or four options), time and show title.
  • Are you requesting time in our exhibits hall or Planet Fun store?
  • Would you like the student special – $2 each for a small popcorn and drink?

NOTE: Food/drink not allowed in the Dome Theatre. Food/drink is allowed in the ATK IMAX Theatre.

After I make my reservation, then what?

You will receive a confirmation letter by email. Please bring this with you and present it to the cashier upon arrival. If payment is needed, please have one payment for your entire group, including extra adults. Anyone not paid for by the group leader will have to purchase a regular show ticket and will not receive the group discount. This includes parents arriving late. Please have an accurate student/adult count before you check in.

Enjoy your visit and Thank You.