April 28th, 2017
Waxing Crescent Moon

Teacher Stuff

Before your Visit:

Prepare your class for your field trip by taking our pre-visit quiz.


After your Visit:

  • “What Am I” is a PowerPoint-based introductory activity centered around the 6th grade astronomy core curriculum.
  • “What Am I” activity (pdf)
  • “What Am I” “activity (PowerPoint)
  • “What Am I” key (pdf)


Build your own star wheel planisphere


 Solar System Fact Sheet

A one page handout with more comparison data than you’d ever need on the planets (and dwarf planets) of our solar system. PDF download here: Solar System Fact Sheet


6th Grade Core Activities (pre- or post- visit)

Core 1 – Moon Phases

Core 2 – Seasons


Core 3 – Solar System

Core 4 – Universe & Distance/Scale

General – Size scale of planets and stars, images

  1. Ganymede, Moon and dwarf planets (jpg)
  2. Inner planets and dwarf planets (jpg)
  3. Outer planets and inner planets (jpg)
  4. Sun and major planets (jpg)
  5. Sun and other well-known smaller stars (jpg)
  6. Sun and other well-known larger stars (jpg)
  7. Really, really big stars (jpg)


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