“Exploding Universe” – A New Original Production!

The universe we see today is the product of explosive events. They have even shaped our very existence.

Clark_lightbox_eu_rev_finalClark Planetarium presents its first new original dome production in over a year with “Exploding Universe,” a story of devastation and regeneration on the grandest of scales.

Why a show about explosions? Of course the dome theater is a great environment to “blow things up”!  But explosive events explain the structure and composition of the universe we live in today.

When giant stars detonate as “supernovae” they seed the galaxies with heavy elements that make planets and life possible. Some collisions we are only just now starting to understand. For example, when Black Holes collide, they can throw off some of the most energetic particles known, ripping and warping space as they go. But other outbursts have profound effects as well, such as the beauty and power of supervolcanoes which have contributed to the transformation of our world into the life bearing oasis we now enjoy. The smallest of explosions, such as the forced impact of subatomic particles, can echo the foundational events of the early universe.

Proton_Graphic_Close_As the universe has transformed into the framework we live in now, even the most elementary particles have endured. This show follows the path of one of these “particles,” a proton, as it participates in nature’s astounding events of rebirth and renewal.

“Exploding Universe” represents the most ambitious commitment of time and talent that Clark Planetarium Productions has ever invested in. It was rendered in full 4096 X 4096 resolution (eight times that of High Definition) with double the frame rate for smooth motion and clear effects. It debuts in the Hansen Dome Theatre on Friday, October 11 with showings every day of the week.

Check out the High Definition widescreen trailer HERE.

Or go HERE to see a fisheye (dome) version.

The Chicxulub asteroid impact 65 million years ago

The Chicxulub asteroid impact 65 million years ago

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One thought on ““Exploding Universe” – A New Original Production!

  1. A quick question from somewhere near left-field: who did the music for “Exploding Universe”? My wife and I have seen the trailer numerous times for a presentation to be shown this fall at Kutztown University and she has been very much blown away by the musical arrangement just in that trailer. Unfortunately, there are no credits listed, so we’re wondering if you could clue us in. Thank you so much in advance, and we’re looking forward to the film.

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