Fight boredom at The Planet Fun Store

Mike Sheehan

It’s only the beginning of July but you may be hearing the annual summer sounds of your children saying, “ We’re Bored!” The Planet Fun Store has just what you need to entertain the kids and make you “Super Mom/Dad”! You know we have all the coolest science kits and toys in town, but we also have fun stuff for summertime.


The Planet Fun Store now has two of the hottest items on the toy scene in stock: PlasmaCars and Ezy-Rollers. PlasmaCars are fun, tough, and safe plastic ride-on cars that will allow little ones to learn the basics of locomotion. Your child simply works the steering wheel slightly and the car moves for them without any need for a push from you! The PlasmaCar sells for $64.95. The Ezy-Roller is a metal framed car that your child sits in and puts their feet on a toggle bar in front. By wiggling the toggle bar the car moves without need for a push or pedaling. This is designed for a little bit older kids than the Plasmacar, and costs about $100.

We also have a great selection of “Estes” brand model rocket kits in stock. These kits have everything you need to quickly and easily assemble and launch a rocket. This is your chance to do something fun and cool with the kids this summer! The “Estes” model rocket kits range in price from $25-$40.

Aqua Zone Rocket

For something that is cheap, easy, and fun we have a couple of classic “launching” toys. The “Stomp Rocket” is an air-powered rocket that your child launches with just a good stomp. It is available in three models that range in price from $16.95-$22.95, and have corresponding launch altitudes. The “Aquazone” is a water-powered rocket that the kids pump until it blasts off. It is safe, durable, and easy to use. The single rocket “Aquazone” is just $5.95, and the “Deluxe Aquazone” with multiple rockets is just $10.95.

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