“Flight to the Moon” transports audiences for space exploration

Many of us at Clark Planetarium are excited for the launch of NASA’s LRO/LCROSS unmanned space craft on June 17.  Not just because the prospect of returning to the moon to gather in depth data about the moon’s features is interesting, but because our production department has been working closely with NASA on developing a newsreel that tells the story of the mission in incredible detail.

Flight to the Moon is Clark Planetarium’s first joint project with the Space Administration. Our production department was chosen for this project largely for our ability to create and distribute scientifically accurate visualizations with strong public appeal. In addition to featuring the 10-minute newsreel in the Hansen Dome Theatre, our production staff will be working to distribute the newsreel to space and educational institutions all across the world.

Flight to the Moon is part of the Night Vision show

Flight to the Moon is part of the Night Vision show

You can see Flight to the Moon in conjunction with the Night Vision show which plays at 6:45 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Night Vision is a live narrated astronomy show that showcases current events night sky. In addition to learning about the constellations above, the show will provide updates on the LRO/LCROSS mission as it progresses.

LRO/LCROSS is currently set to launch at 1:51 MST on Wednesday, June 17. If you would like to see the launch live (pending there are no delays), the Clark Planetarium will have the NASA TV channel on display in our concessions area – it would be great to have you join us.

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