Gateway to the Stars: June 2016

Nick Jarvis

Let’s talk about summer, baby.

Summertime is prime-time for outdoor activities, so you’ll probably have lots of opportunities to look at the sky. When the weather is nice and the nights are warm, it’s easy to stay up a bit to enjoy some stargazing. If you’re planning any summer getaways, camping trips, cookouts, etc, try to include some time for the stars, too; otherwise, you’re missing out!

Summer is also when we’re often the most willing to get away from the city, and that’s where the stars are the most spectacular, particularly here in the west. Even without a telescope, you’ll be able to enjoy the bright, colorful planets, and if you’re out in a really dark sky, this is the best time to look into the Milky Way galaxy. With a small telescope, or even a set of binoculars, you can look even deeper to explore distant star clusters and ghostly nebulae.

"Milky Way Night Sky Black Rock Desert Nevada" by Steve Jurvetson

“Milky Way Night Sky Black Rock Desert Nevada” by Steve Jurvetson

I can’t guarantee you’ll be ready for everything​ in your summer adventures, but you can at least be ready to make the most of your view of the stars. We invite you to join us for this month’s Gateway to the Stars show where you’ll learn the landmarks and navigational aids to find your way around the sky, and where you’ll learn the tips and tricks to get the most of what the summer sky can offer.

Gateway to the Stars is hosted by Nick Jarvis on Saturday, June 4th at 6:45pm in the Hansen Dome Theater. Tickets are $2, or free for planetarium members. Buy tickets here, or at the Clark Planetarium ticket desk.

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