April 28th, 2017
Waxing Crescent Moon

Facility Rentals

Clark Planetarium’s space exploration-themed building is a unique and spacious facility capable of entertaining up to 800 guests. With the Orbital ATK IMAX 3D Theatre, Hansen Dome Theatre, classroom and 10,000 square feet of exhibits, the planetarium is your choice for out-of-this-world events.

ATK IMAX Theatre (theatre buy-out rates)

With a 70′ wide, 5-story high screen and seating for 288, your guests will be launched into space while viewing a 3D IMAX film. The Orbital ATK IMAX Theatre at Clark Planetarium features a 14,000-watt, 6-channel, digital surround sound system for an auditory experience second to none. Most of the speakers are positioned behind the five-story high screen, which is perforated with millions of tiny holes. In this way, sound can come at the audience from the film itself. Clark Planetarium offers a wide selection of films to meet the needs of any group.

  • Capacity: 288
  • Friday night and all day Saturday: $1,500 per show
  • Sunday through Thursday, 5:00 pm – closing: $1,200 per show
  • Sunday through Friday before 5:00 pm: $1,000 per show
  • Sunday through Thursday after public closing: $1,000 per hour

Hansen Dome (planetarium) Theatre (theatre buy-out rates)

The Hansen Dome Theatre houses a 55-foot, 190-seat planetarium with a state-of-the-art Digistar5 projection system, manufactured by Utah-based Evans and Sutherland Computer Corp. Digistar5 uses multiple high-definition video projectors at the base of the dome to display a larger-than-life seamless image, without additional display equipment, and without a projection area in the middle of the theater. A small staging area at the front of the theatre can be used for live presentations and special events.

  • Capacity: 190
  • $600 per hour (Sunday – Thursday)
  • $900 per hour (Friday and Saturday)

3rd Floor Exhibit Space

Enjoy your next event among the planets. The 3rd floor exhibit area offers an open space on the third floor separated from the rest of the Planetarium. There is plenty of open space for wedding receptions, business meetings, parties and reunions. Interactive exhibits are spread throughout the area to make any event fun and educational. The 3rd floor exhibit area also serves as the entrance to the Hansen Dome Theatre.

  • Capacity: Dinnner-180, Reception-225
  • $400 per hour (Sunday – Thursday)
  • $800 per hour (Friday and Saturday)

First Floor Exhibit Space

The first floor exhibit stage is an ideal location for smaller groups looking for a unique venue to hold a dinner or reception. Groups will enjoy photos from the Hubble Space Telescope as well as the hands-on exhibits on the first floor.

  • Capacity: Dinner 80, Reception 125
  • $250 per hour (Sunday – Thursday)
  • $500  per hour (Friday and Saturday)


  • Capacity: 40
  • $75 per hour (Sunday – Thursday)
  • $125 per hour (Friday and Saturday)

Full Building, including theatres (capacity 900 people)

A full building rental includes your choice of three Dome Theatre and two IMAX documentary shows. The building is closed to the public during the event so you can enjoy all that the Planetarium has to offer including the 10,000 square feet of hands-on, brains-on exhibits. The Guest Relations staff will be on hand to assist you with anything you might need.

  • Sunday through Friday, before 5 pm: $6,000 per 4 hour block
  • Sunday through Thursday evening: $7,000 per 4 hour block
  • Friday night and all day Saturday: $9,000 per 4 hour block

Early Morning Rates Hours: 7:00 – 11:00 a.m.

  • Hold your breakfast meeting or small reception in the Main Lobby before taking in a show or making a presentation in the Dome or IMAX theatre. Greet the people in your group as they walk through the front door and enjoy the exhibits on the main level before anyone else arrives at the Planetarium. The Main Lobby is only available to rent before the Planetarium opens to the public.
  • Dome Theatre $300 per hour.
  • IMAX Theatre $400 per hour. NOTE: These prices are available in the mornings and do not include films.

Approved Catering List

An Exquisite Affair: Susan Stutchbury, 801-278-7341
Copper Grill: Sadie Ophar, 801-375-1115
Cuisine Unlimited: Derek Deitsch, 801-747-0649, derek@cuisineunlimited.com
Culinary Crafts: Mary Craft or Rachel Nasse Heimer, 801-355-6575
Le Croissant: Kelly Lake, 801-466-2537
Have Party Will Travel: 801-269-8400
Premier Event Services: Janice Boes, 801-598-4444 or Danielle Zaug, 801-647-4060

To check available dates or to schedule an event contact:

Sean O’Connell
Assistant Operations Manager
Tel: 385-468-1225
Email: soconnell@ slco.org

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