Give us your feedback on “Starline” and “Skywatch”


Clark Planetarium has provided a weekly phone recording of current night sky observation hints for the past 20 years. This feature, known as the ‘Starline’ or ‘Skywatch’ can also be found in the Astronomy section of our website, We now include these articles here, in the Clark Planetarium blog.

Did you know about these other sources? We would like your feedback and comments on this free service to our patrons. Please click the link below to take a brief survey about Clark Planetarium’s Skywatch.

Your comments on this, or any blog post, are always welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Give us your feedback on “Starline” and “Skywatch”

  1. Do you’ve a profile on twitter? I can’t seem to come across Give us your feedback on “Starline” and “Skywatch” « Clark Planetarium on the website and I would love to connect with you there. I like your writing style, thanks Maia Casey

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