In Search of Northern Lights – The Team

Duke Johnson

The team met at Yellowknife airport. 

From L-R: Will Stoll, Dr. Cherilynn Morrow, and Duke Johnson

Duke Johnson (me) I am the expedition leader. I hold a masters degree in space science, and am currently the education/exhibits manager at Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. My passion for place-based astrophotography and the experience of going to Yellowknife once before in 2001 are helping inform decisions made on this expedition.

Dr. Cherilynn Morrow is leading the team’s public outreach and blogging initiative.  Her PhD is in solar physics and she has many years of experience teaching undergraduates and science teachers.  She was a NASA senior scientist who advised educational efforts on several space missions. Cherilynn and I share a passion for the joy and effectiveness of kinesthetic teaching and learning.

Will Stoll is assisting the overall photographic and outreach mission. In particular, he is

Desert Skies Photography

coordinating the educational outreach of our adventure to several K-12 schools. He is a high school physics teacher, experienced outdoorsman, world traveler, and a PhD candidate in science education. Will and Cheri are collaborating on research related to study the pathways of graduate students into the field of solar and space physics.

The team convened in Yellowknife on Monday, March 4, 2013.

The first night out for the full team was quite cloudy, but we did get a great show for an hour before the sky shut out the aurora all together.

It was amazing! They were both blown away by the complexity of the twists and turns in the aurora and the way it moved so quickly through the sky. We waited until a little after 3 am and then came in for a few hours sleep.

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3 thoughts on “In Search of Northern Lights – The Team

  1. This is my husbands email as I don’t have one. I am a knitter with your mom Carol W. We live here in Jamestown ND not far from your mom.She keeps us posted on her grandson and shares many pictures with us. (he’s a cutie)

  2. Greetings from a long time fan of your planetarium and one appreciative of your service to the community and to education. I’ve enjoyed reading of your experiences and wish you clear skies and great photos. I’m heading north myself before much longer and hope to be just as fortunate. Until then, stay warm and enjoy the celestial show!

  3. It is so exciting to follow the adventures of your northern expedition down here in the lower 45. Duke, your images are truly stunning. I can’t believe how cold it is up there! Keep posting – and I’ll keep reading.

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