In Search of the Northern Lights – The Comet

Duke Johnson

As is the key to many things in Yellowknife, flexibility is key. We began Tuesday evening by trying to capture the comet just to the left of the moon.I had run the projections and felt that we would have a better chance to get a good picture than if we were in Salt Lake. What had been most difficult to predict was the amount and total length of twilight up here. As it turned out, we had too much twilight and too many clouds in a hazy band near the horizon.

The aurora near an old mine

After failing to see the comet, we went back to the hotel, put on the rest of our gear and headed out. By the time we neared the edge of town around 11:00 pm, the lights were going amazingly brightly. We stopped along the way to Vee Lake and took a bunch of photos of the aurora over the old mine. We moved around it to capture some singles of just the main structure and then moved to include the old ore cars to the front left.  After about 45 minutes and making our way through some sections of 3 foot deep snow, we moved back to where we had parked and spent a half hour taking photos of the aurora over an old snowy truck as the aurora continued to change and evolve. Since these things gave us a nice change of scenery from the lake and trees, I think they’ll become some of our favorite images of the area. We finished that location by snapping several shots of the aurora over the edge of the city.

The aurora over an old truck

Since Wednesday night was near -40 F, windy and no Aurora, I’ll save the rest of Tuesday for the next installment.

City lights

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