Last Call…Are you Ready for the Transit of Venus?

Your calendar is marked for this, right? The Venus transit occurs tomorrow beginning around 4pm–that’s just one day before we experience the rarest of rare astronomical events. To make sure you are fully prepared, here’s a helpful list:

Tuesday, June 5th, the Transit of Venus from Salt Lake City

Appropriate Solar Filter Eye Protection: If you purchased solar filter viewing glasses for the annular eclipse, they will work for the transit. However, if you didn’t get your hands on a pair, we have glasses available here at Clark Planetarium. We brought in a shipment of Aluminized Mylar glasses that will offer a color-free (meaning non-orange tinted) view. These specialized specs are only $2.

Viewing Locale: While you can definitely check out the transit from home–if you have the proper eye protection that is–you can also visit a number of organized viewing parties where there will be telescopes outfitted with solar filters and knowledgeable people who can chat about the transit. Clark Planetarium will be hosting viewing parties at the following locations:
-Gateway Olympic Fountains; 450 West 100 South
-Dimple Dell Recreation Center; 10600 South 1000 East

Our friends from the astromony community will be hosting additional parties at the following locations:
-Harmons Brickyard; 3270 South 1300 East
-Natural History Museum of Utah; 301 Wakara Way
-Weber State University; Lind Lecture Hall
-Northridge High School; 2430 N. Hill Field Rd in Layton

Homework: Just kidding, but if you would like to prep for tomorrow’s astronomical wonder, here are a few links that we recommend:’s Viewing Tips
Transit of Venus Simulator
How to Photograph the Transit of Venus

Finally, we would like to congratulate Russell G. for winning the Orion XT8 Classic Telescope from our recent giveaway!

Happy viewing tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Last Call…Are you Ready for the Transit of Venus?

  1. Noooo! It’s cloudy outside! All I want is a brief, ten minute view of this, that’s all I ask of the weather gods…

  2. We are with you, Jer! It looks as though the front will move through around 2pm, and we are hopeful that we’ll have a break in the clouds during the evening hours. Fingers crossed…

  3. Nobody is at the Olympic fountain at the Gateway, if the viewing party was cancelled, you should have updated this post. Going there was a waste of time.

  4. Hi–we are actually here at the Gateway fountains; however, the clouds are still blocking the transit.

  5. played hide and seek with the sun, and we won! Unity Pass, East of The Ranches in Eagle Mountain. Windy, Chilly, Worth It!

  6. Sorry about my first post, I did not realize you were up by Barnes & Noble – the first time I went by I did not see anybody down at the fountain so I assumed it had been cancelled.

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