“Launch into the Holidays” Sale

Mike Sheehan

The Planet Fun Store has some out of this world values as we “Launch into the Holidays” on Saturday, December 1st.

The “Launch into the Holidays” event will feature great gift items, marked down 25-50% off for that day only. For the first time ever members will be also able to stack the 15% member discount on top of the sale prices!  Check out some of the fantastic items you’ll find at Planet Fun during this holiday event:

The PlasmaCar scooter. This scooter is a great way for kids to safely learn how to ride and steer a vehicle, plus it’s a lot of fun! The PlasmaCar sells for $64.99 but will be on sale for “Launch into the Holidays” for 25% off ($48.75), plus don’t forget that you can also use your member discount for added savings. We also have the exclusive green and blue PlasmaCar that’s only available at specialty retailers.

Are you on Pinterest? Know somebody that is? Well we have the just the thing for them. “Photos to Canvas” is a new product that lets you print your digital pictures on a pre-stretched canvas  (9.5”x7”) using any home inkjet printer, then easily mount it on the provided  frame. It gives a soft warm look to your favorite family photos. Very crafty! Each kit comes with 3 canvas pieces and frames and sells for $24.95, but will be on sale for 25% off December 1st. Another cool new item for the crafty crowd is the E-Motion Rotating Picture Cube. These cubes come in a 4 by 4 inch ($14.95) and 6 by 6 inch size ($19.95) and holds 6 photos. They have a teeny little motor that spins the cube on one corner. This will make a memorable gift item for folks to remember those special people, animals, or places in their lives. These will also be 25% off for “Launch into the Holidays”. Did I mention you will get your member discount on top of that?

For the boys of all ages in your family we have a cool new toy called the “Color Capture Stunt Car.” Not only is it a super fun remote control trick car, but it changes color! Whoa! There is a sensor on the back that you hold next to something and it will change the car color to match it like a chameleon! The “Color Capture Stunt Car” is $29.95 and will be 25% off during the event. I heard you can get your member discount as well.

We’re looking forward to seeing you for our “Launch into the Holidays” event on December 1st. Below is a list of some more items you’ll be able to pick up for a great price during this special holiday sale:

Orion XT8 Telescope (our best seller!) – $359.99 15% off for members only

New! Earth in My Room – 25% off of $34.95

Plasma 360 8” Plasma Ball – 25% off of $39.95

Airzookas – 25% off of $19.95

Leonardo DaVinci Science Kits – 35% off of $19.95

Cyber-Fire color changing football – 35% off of $25.95

HexBug Nano 5 pack – 50% off of $49.95

Hexbug Hive Set – 50% off of $54.95

There are many more specials that we don’t have listed, so make sure to come down here that day! (all items limited to stock on hand)

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