More Delays for STS-134

It looks like Endeavour is delayed again. I am so sad! When the astronauts flew back to Houston I decided it was time to come home. The launch was initially a 48 hour delay, then 72, then pushed to May 8th, and now the launch date is estimated NET (no earlier than) May 10th. I hope to be able to find a way to return to view the launch.

The possibility of a scrub was known by NASA technicians early on the morning of April 29, but they wanted to wait until the last possible chance to scrub in hopes that the problem could be fixed. The main issue deals with the APU-Auxiliary Power Unit (in case you haven’t noticed, NASA is all about acronyms. Here is a list of a few).

This unit delivers power to the hydrolics system of the orbiter. They hope to have the new parts installed soon. This delay has pushed the date for Atlantis’s move from the hangar to the VAB back to May 16 and the move to the launch pad to May 23 contingent upon when Endeavor actually launches.

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