#NASATweetup Day 1

After arriving in Florida for the #NASATweetup, it was time to meet new people, tour facilities and take lots of pictures. Here’s a glimpse at what we experienced on the first day.

@ejmangus, @6thgradersrule, @adriennejurado, @jeanettegtf

150 fellow Tweeps at the countdown clock!

We had a wide variety of people:

A bellydancing librarian, a member of MENSA, a 3 time Jeopardy champion, an American Idol music writer to name a few.

The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)

The infamous flagpole, the Countdown Clock, and Endeavor Shuttle in between.

Astronaut Clay Anderson


His thoughts during his first spacewalk: “I was born to be right here, doing this.”

@ejmangus, @astro_clay, @adriennejurado

Inside the VAB. It was VERY windy!

Astronauts sign the wall inside the VAB before each launch.

@LeVarBurton, @ejmangus

A lightning storm rolling in.

Waiting out the lightning storm in the Press Site Auditorium: @carsonskinner, @ejmangus

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