#NASATweetup Day 2

LAUNCH DAY!! (or not…)

Day 2 was an amazing day at #NASATweetup. You could feel the excitement in the air. We met lots of amazing people, but all our minds were focused on 3:47 pm.

Launch time.

Astronaut Ricky Arnold

“We are the only federal agency with 700,000+ people waiting outside our gates to see what we do.”

Astronaut Leland Melvin

“The colors of the Earth are so vibrant from space. I need 50 colors to describe the Caribbean.”

Patrick Barrett, Lt. Col., USAF weather officer

“Weather is going to clear up. We have an 80% chance of a go for launch”

@ejmangus, @sethgreen

Seth was really great. He asked for every Tweep’s autograph and photo.

We waived to the astronauts as they drove by in the Astro Van.

Here is the Astro Van turning around the moment the scrub was confirmed. They drove away as fast as possible. At that moment, we knew a scrub was in the works. Such a bummer!


This NASA Officer came and explained to us the reason for the scrub.

Sad about the scrub.

@adriennejurado, @6thsgradersrule

Getting ready to do a satellite with @KUTV2NEWS in Salt Lake. I was on the top of the CBS building at the press site. You can see Endeavour in the background.


The view from the CBS tower.

Watching President Obama being escorted around KSC. We were on top of the CBS tower, but other Tweeps were close enough for a front row view.

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One thought on “#NASATweetup Day 2

  1. Great photos! Thanks. Looks like a fantastic trip, even with the scrub.

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