New Show: “Secret Lives of Stars”!

Come enjoy an amazing journey through the stars and galaxies as we explore the birth, life, and death of stars. “Secret Lives of Stars” is a production of Evans & Sutherland of Salt Lake City, the same company that makes the Digistar system for our Hansen Dome Theatre.

Not all stars are the same

Not all stars are the same

Narrated by Patrick Stewart, this show takes us on a 3-dimensional tour through the universe as we look more closely at the different kinds of stars. Probably one of the most interesting thing about stars (own sun included) is that they actually come in many different sizes and colors. It turns out that the way stars will live and die depends mostly on their mass – how much material the star is born with. That will determine how hot they shine (their color), how long they will live, and the way they will die.

A supernova explosion

A supernova explosion

For example, not all stars will die in colossal explosions called “supernovas.” The Sun will eventually swell up into a Red Giant star and fade away as a White Dwarf. It takes stars with dozens of times more mass than the Sun to die in super explosions. This show will render us a close-up view of what happens when these titanic stars collapse and burst into the cosmos with the energy of a million suns.┬áThese explosions fill the galaxy with complex molecules and heavier elements that could turn into planets when they re-form into the next generation of stars. But their cores remain behind, crushed into superdense remnants called Pulsars and Black Holes.

We’re also going to demonstrate what else makes the Hansen Dome Theatre a unique experience. We have designed a special live intro to the show that gives audiences a look at our current night sky of stars! This short preface to the main feature is a great way to set the stage for looking at the stars in more detail. It has already proven to be a popular segment to this new program.

A special intro about what's in the sky

A special intro about what’s in the current night sky

“Secret Lives of Stars” runs daily at 2:30pm and 4:30pm, with 6:45pm shows on Sunday through Wednesday. To explore more about the stars and how to observe them, be sure and check out our original live presentations “Gateway to the Stars” and “Windows to the Universe.”

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