Night School – Why Mars Matters 9/13

Do you want to know about the geology on Mars? Join us for Night School, our new quarterly lecture series, on Thursday, September 13 from 7pm – 8pm. Topics range across scientific disciplines and the open format encourages group discussion and exploration. 

University of Utah geologist, Marjorie Chan, will present during this Night School series with “Why Mars Matters.” Dr. Chan will explore the similarities of Mars’ geology with that of Southern Utah.

Night School sessions are hosted in the Hansen Dome Theatre, and are followed by light refreshments in the Third Floor Exhibits area. Admission is $2. Members are free. Get your tickets today for Night School: we’ll “school” you in science.


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3 thoughts on “Night School – Why Mars Matters 9/13

  1. Hi, this lecture sounds really interesting. Too bad one has to attend in person. It would be nice if it was broadcast over the web. I live too far away to attend.

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