Night Vision: Exoplanets

Johnny Rasmussen
Exoplanet rendering by an artist

Exoplanet rendering by an artist

It has been nearly 25 years since we first discovered a planet outside of our solar system. Now we have discovered more than a thousand worlds, with the potential to discover thousands more.  We have discovered several brilliant ways to detect these distant bodies, even have built observatories in space to find them.  We will also investigate the mysterious “Planet Nine” and how our solar system was formed, as well as why this ties to our search for other worlds.

Night Vision: Exoplanets is presented by Johnny Rasmussen on Thursday, June 9th and Saturday, June 11th, in the Hansen Dome Theater at 6:45pm. Tickets available online​ or at the Clark Planetarium ticket desk. Free for members and $2 for everyone else.

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