Night Vision: Glorious Galaxies

Milky Way galaxy from above

Milky Way Galaxy. Credit: NASA

What do you really know about your own stellar neighborhood? Most people know what block they live on, what the grocery store a few streets over is called, and whether they live on a third, half, or full acre, but what do you know about our cosmic address? Our resident star group is called “The Milky Way Galaxy.” Our solar system sits within one of its spiral arms, but not all galaxies are created equal. Not only are there spiral, but also elliptical ones, not to mention all of the different “Irregular” galaxies out there.

And when was the last time your neighbor’s lot collided and merged with yours? Well, Andromeda (our closest neighboring galaxy) is looking to do just that! When is that happening? And what do we need to do to prepare? I hope you’ll join me in finding out.

Night Vision: Glorious Galaxies is presented by DJ Luna on Thursday evening, March 9th, and Saturday evening, March 11th, in the Hansen Dome Theatre at 6:45pm. Tickets available online or at the Clark Planetarium ticket desk. Free for members.

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