Night Vision: Jupiter

Brandon Crowley

Jupiter is the biggest, heaviest, and most successful planet in our solar system. It might not have the prettiest rings or the ability to support life, but it’s got it where it counts: fascinating moons, vivid coloration, and a delightful personality.

Have you ever wondered where that red spot comes from?


Do you want to learn about moons that are more than just lame chunks of rock?

Would you like  a heads-up on NASA’s next big space probe arrival?

Then come to our next Night Vision presentation where we’ll explore these and other captivating details as we celebrate Jupiter, the undeniable champion of the solar system.?

Night Vision: Jupiter is hosted on Thursday evening, March 10th, and Saturday evening, March 12th, in the Hansen Dome Theatre at 6:45pm. Tickets available online or at the Clark Planetarium ticket desk. Free for members and $2 for everyone else.

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