Night Vision: Mars

Paul Gibbs

images (2)Mars has always occupied a special place in our imaginations. Storytellers from Edgar Rice Burroughs to Ridley Scott have woven tales about the exotic red planet, causing us to dream of going there.

From the early days of Giovanni Sciaperelli’s observation of what would erroneously be called “canals” to the current exploration by robotic probes and rovers such as Opportunity and Curiosity, we’ll take a look at the fourth planet from the sun and learn what it was like in the past, and whether we may be able to travel there in the future. We’ll explore evidence of liquid water on the Martian surface, learn why Mars is red, and talk about what it would take to get us there.

Night Vision: Mars​ is presented by Paul Gibbs on Thursday, October 6th, and Saturday, October 8th, in the Hansen Dome Theater at 6:45pm. Tickets available online​ or at the Clark Planetarium ticket desk. Free for members and $2 for everyone else.

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