Night Vision: Notorious Nebulae

Brandon Crowley

Our galaxy is much more than just a swirling collection of stars. Various atoms and molecules form giant clouds that cover huge swaths of interstellar space. These nebulae come in a variety of beautiful colors and majestic swirling patters, often many trillions of miles from end to end.

calabash nebula showing death of a star

An image from the Hubble Space Telescope of the Calabash Nebula, currently experiencing the death of a red giant star, and a transformation into a planetary nebula.

In our upcoming Night Vision, we’ll explore how different conditions can produce clouds that reflect starlight like giant multicolored mirrors, obscure background space like ominous beasts, or glow like cosmic ember. We’ll also explore how observing nebulae changed our understanding of stellar evolution, and how atoms and molecules in our own bodies were once thinly dispersed throughout a giant cloud among the stars.

Night Vision: Notorious Nebulae will present live with Brandon Crowley in the Hansen Dome Theatre on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 at 6:45pm. Tickets for Night Vision are just $2 for the public, and free for members. Buy tickets, or see the full Night Vision schedule for this quarter.

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