Opening Event for “Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures 3D”

Explore the myths and legends about dragons that exists in cultures across the world. Come see our newest show, Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Events 3Din the ATK IMAX Theatre when it opens later this month.

Dragon Graphic copyIn celebration of Dragons, we will be offering free hands-on activities from 11:30-2:30 p.m. on Friday, June 28, when the show opens. The Salt Lake County Library and Clark Planetarium will have fun dragon related activities for kids to learn more about these creatures.

Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Events 3D explores humankind’s fascination with dragons over thousands of years. Some of the world’s earliest known writings, in ancient Babylon, describe a mythic, monstrous dragon-like creature that creates the earth and the heavens. The myth continues in ancient Greece, with references to dragons found in Homer’s epic “Iliad.” For centuries, the Chinese and other Asian cultures have revered dragons as noble and heroic. In Medieval England, there are stories of massive, winged dragons terrorizing villages and castles, eventually to be slain by heroes. Dragons appear on notable architecture, imperial crests, battle armor and national flags throughout the world.

The film run-time is 43 minutes. Buy tickets hereMembers get in free.

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