Performance Art in the Hansen Dome Theatre

A new way to see and feel the music

The melding of art, music and visuals in the dome has created many impressions over the years. The original Hansen Planetarium had a well known reputation for “laser shows” in the 1990′s. When the new Clark Planetarium opened in 2003 we introduced fulldome three-dimensional digital animation as a new art form. Local tradition perpetuated an expectation of lasers in music shows so we kept them in the mix as beamwork. The new combination was received as different and interesting, but times have changed. And we are changing with it!

In July we did a “Brad Stock Listening Party” that not only exposed new local music to the community but also introduced a new way of mixing a *variety* of visual elements. We think of it as a new “performance art.”  A mix of multi-media with new music. Digital fulldome art in 3D space, concert effects, added lasers, and live-performed elements that make these kinds of shows a unique experience.

Brad’s music compositions represent a wide variety of styles. There’s an almost hypnotic element to some of the melodies, especially with the “depth” that provides a natural match to the wide spaces of the dome theatre. The studio mix is top notch, created by the renowned local producer Matt Winegar. A special 5.1 surround sound version for the dome was created by our audio producer Joe Stohel.

The listening party was an amazing success that sent ripples through the Utah music community, and from that event we decided to play a limited run of the show to everyone. From November 2-17, we’ll be playing Brad Stock’s album ”The Atomic Clock” as a fulldome experience in our Hansen Dome Theatre.  The visual choreography and performance elements are the brainchild of our producer Nick Jarvis, and Brad Stock himself will be present to meet with audiences at many of the performances.

Come and experience this unique immersive journey and tell us what you think! We truly look forward to your feedback, especially from *all* generations.

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