Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” Returns

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album has been popular in planetariums as music and visual art since the 1970′s, and we run it all year round on Friday and Saturday nights … except for the weeks leading up to Halloween, when we replace it with one of Floyd’s other most popular works – “The Wall!”

A timeless classic!

A timeless classic!

In the days of “laser shows,” The Wall was choreographed exclusively with laser imagery. But now we can add other visual dimensions to the show. Fulldome immersive animation, concert lighting effects, and live performed visual elements make this timeless classic come alive in ways never before experienced.

A key to The Wall’s popularity in dome shows lies in the visual interpretation of the story based on the 1982 movie “Pink Floyd The Wall.” The film depicted the mental construction and eventual demolition of a metaphorical wall, created in the mind of a rock star named “Pink.” The bizarre and sometimes dark psychological concepts make for plenty of opportunity for abstract and representative imagery on the dome. A perfect theme for Halloween month!

It’s like a mental struggle for sanity as told in music and digital art. “Pink Floyd The Wall” has been updated from previous years with new imagery and live-performance elements. Starting September 20 it becomes the planetarium’s new “late show,” 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights beginning September 26th and running through November 11th. ”Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon” will return in those time slots on Friday, November 18th.

ScreamOne of the unique elements to experiencing “The Wall” in our Dome is the sound! The soundtrack, already digitally remastered, is remixed for the Hansen Dome Theatre’s 13,000-watt 5.1 surround sound system. You’ve never heard “The Wall” like this!

Due to its mature theme, “The Wall” is not recommended for children under 14.  Parental discretion is advised.

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