Planet Fun telescope & book sale

Mike Sheehan

Planet Fun Clark Planetarium Store is having a sale starting…now!

After going through our stock, we have selected telescopes that will be 35-50% off regular prices, while supplies last. The telescopes included in the sale are mostly floor models that are already assembled. All scopes have original parts or better. We offer a 30-day warranty and refund on all sales. All scopes come with their original manufacturers warranties. This is your chance to save hundreds of dollars on a great scope!

In addition to our telescope sale, we have discounted all astronomy books to 25% off regular price. It’s a great time to stop by Planet Fun for your stargazing needs; stop by soon for the best selection.

Celestron CPC 1100 XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Celestron CPC 1100 XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Orion AstroView 6 EQ Reflector Telescope:

Regular: $419.95                                       Sale: $209.95

Orion Skyview Pro 8EQ Reflector Telescope

Regular: $649. 95                                      Sale:$324.95

Celestron CPC 800 XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Regular: $1999.00                                    Sale: $1299.00

Celestron CPC 925 XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Regular: $2499.00                                     Sale: $1624.35

Celestron CPC 1100XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Regular: $2999.00                                     Sale: $1949.35

Orion SV PRO 150 Go-To Mak-Cassegrain Telescope

Regular: $1399.95                                       Sale: $699.95

Orion SkyView PRO 120 Go-To Refractor Telescope

Regular: $1069.95                                       Sale: $529.95

Orion SkyView PRO  120 Go-To Refractor Telescope

Orion SkyView PRO 120 Go-To Refractor Telescope

Orion StarMax 127 Mak-Cassegrain Telescope

Regular: $629.95                                         Sale: $399.95

Orion SkyQuest XT6 Intelliscope Dobson-Reflector

Regular: $399.95                                         Sale: $259.95

Orion SkyQuest XT8 Intelliscope Dobson-Reflector

Regular: $529.95                                          Sale: $344.46

Orion SkyQuest XT10 Intelliscope Dobson-Reflector

Regular: $699.95                                           Sale: $454.96

Orion SkyQuest XT12 Intelliscope Dobson-Reflector

Regular: $1079.95                                        Sale: $701.96

Orion SkyQuest XT12 Intelliscope Truss-Dobson

Regular: $1299.95                                         Sale: $844.68

Orion Observer 60 Refractor Telescope (in box)

Regular: $99.95                                               Sale: $49.95

Go to and for more information on these scopes.

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