S.O.S. Gets a Touchup


During the winter season we are used to seeing the color white outside.  This winter the Clark Planetarium brought a little of that white to its lobby in the form of some paint for its largest “ornament.”

Rob Morris and Duke Johnson giving Science on a Sphere (S.O.S.) a touchup

After 5 years of entertaining and educating hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with its holographic-like projections, the Science On a Sphere (S.O.S.) exhibit was ready for a little maintenance.  Whereas most projection screens are flat, the S.O.S. is a 6-foot sphere suspended by thin metal cables. Its shape and the method of its suspension provided a challenge when it needed to be re-painted. This didn’t stop the Clark Planetarium education team, who on a cold Thursday morning went with high spirits and high ladders to brighten this unique exhibit. In less than one hour, a fresh coat of paint was applied and its surface was again unmarred.

S.O.S. in action.

Keeping the S.O.S. sphere clean and bright is important. With 4 high-resolution projectors the S.O.S. can produce a variety of views of the Earth in a more realistic model, while the spherical shape allows for a proper perspective on a global scale. These views display information on oceanography, meteorology, geology, astronomy and more. This allows us to provide free programs to school groups and show them a much more complete picture  of  subjects in their curriculum that are often much harder to understand on a flat screen or static display.

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