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Science fair season is here!  This is a great time of year for your family to spend some quality time together learning about science and how fun it can be.  With that in mind – and with the help of Planet Fun Clark Planetarium Store, we have gathered some project ideas that will help get kid’s scientific minds flowing.



A good Science Fair project involves a journey of discovery, driven by curiosity.  My First Weather Kit does just that.  Learn all about extreme weather with this complete weather station. Explore why we have hurricanes and typhoons, why global warming makes ocean levels rise and more as you become a weather expert! ($19.95)


 Another fun activity for young science enthusiasts is our Volcano Making Kit. Make a volcano with the plaster and mould provided, paint in the lava flow and landscape, then create your eruption by mixing baking soda and vinegar. ($9.95)

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For older students, curiosity shines through our Solar Energy Laboratory. Build a solar energy laboratory and conduct more than 25 energy conservation experiments.  Use a solar collector, solar heater and other tools to collect and measure energy. ($9.95)


If your child is a fan of MythBusters, the kits below should definitely peak their interest…



Have a blast working with the Power of Air Pressure Kit and answer questions like, ‘Will your stomach really explode if you don’t belch?’ and ‘Can air alone support a train?’ while witnessing the power of air pressure in action by building a marshmallow launcher. ($19.95)



Take the lead through an exploration of aeronautics with the Forces of Flight Kit. We are surrounded by flying object every day, but can you explain the science behind it.  Learn and experiment to find the answers to questions like, ‘Can a plane really steer itself?’ ‘What would happen if an astronaut didn’t wear a space suit?’ Experiments include flying a model helicopter and launching a rocket. ($19.95)



With the Weird World of Water Kit, you will experiment to learn just how strong a whirlpool is, discover whether it’s possible to walk on water and test the limits of water’s power by building and launching a water-powered rocket! ($19.95)


Come down and visit Planet Fun for an array of these and other activities. We look forward to seeing you and good luck with those science fair projects!

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