Science on a Sphere (SOS) Upgrade!

Duke Johnson

After nearly six years, our old SOS projectors have been retired.

NOAA Science on a Sphere

NOAA Science on a Sphere

It took the better part of a week, but the new mounts and cables were put in place, new power run and new video cards installed. The new system is capable of far more color saturation and intensity, which makes the new projectors appear nearly twice as bright as the old ones! It’s worth a trip to see the Moon and the Earth.  They really seem to be floating in the middle of our lobby!

Along with the visual upgrade, there are new data visualizations coming online. We have been working on four new SOS modules for school groups, bringing our total to 14. Live interactive SOS presentations are FREE to public school groups when making a reservation to visit the planetarium. Programs run 30 minutes and cover a wide variety of topics. More information about these FREE programs can be found here.

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