SOLD OUT of Solar Viewers.

Mike Sheehan

We are SOLD OUT of solar viewers. If you did not get any please attend one of our solar viewing parties at either The Salt Lake City Public Library, the fountain at The Gateway, Dimple Dell Recreation Center or the Sam’s Club in Murray. If you can’t attend one of these events please consider making a pinhole projector.

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32 thoughts on “SOLD OUT of Solar Viewers.

  1. Hello, I need to purchase some solar eclipse glasses. I was hoping I could purchase them over the phone and have someone pick them up from your SLC location? Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks for your help.

    Kelly Boswell

  2. Call the planetarium main number(385) 468-7827, press “0″ to speak to a real person, and ask to be connected to the Planet Fun science store.

  3. Do you have any information or solar filters available for purchase to take photos of the eclipse? Whether a polarizer or some other neutral density type filter is sufficient to protect my digital SLR’s sensor? Or know anywhere that may sell solar filters? Thanks!

  4. I teach in wendover, ut and driving in to pick up 12 pairs of glasses. please save them for me. i will be there about 6pm.

  5. We can’t hold the eclipse viewers for anyone. First come – first served. Sorry!

    We got 7,000 in today. Odds are better than 50-50 we’ll still have some at 6PM.

  6. Are your glasses the mylar style or the polymer style glasses? Also, did you get in any more solar filters for binoculars?

  7. Morgan,


    Sorry, we’re completely out of filters for telescopes and binoculars.

    I have successfully cobbled together binocular filters out of the eclipse viewers we sell here by cutting them into two pieces and using black electrical tape to mount them on binoculars, using the tape (opaque to sunlight) to cover up any gaps between the eclipse material and the edge of the binocular’s objective lenses.

  8. Do not attempt to use a polarizer – not enough filterign of sunlight. Unless the filter has been made specifically for solar viewing, you should not try to use it. We’ve contacted all the photo equipment stores we can think of today and they all report they’re out of stock for solar filters for cameras.

    Consider using a pair of binoculars to project the solar image onto a white piece of paper and photgraphing that.

    Otherwise, all I can do is wish you good luck! There’s a total eclipse of the Sun in August of 2017. That should give you enough lead time to acquire the necessary filters to photograph it.

  9. It’s now Friday Morning May 18th. Are there any glasses left in the store for purchase or were they sold out yesterday?

  10. Could I just walk into the store to buy some of the glasses or do I have to call ahead?

  11. Friday morning update:

    We have several hundred eclipse viewers left. We open at 10:30 AM today. I estimate the supply we have will last about a hour after we open.

    If you can’t get viewers because we’ve run out, please read the rest of our blog to learn about making pinhole projection boxes and the Eclipse Viewing Locations we’ll be setting up solar telescopes with volunteers from the Salt Lake Astronomical Society and the University of Utah.

  12. Ebert, sorry, we are no longer taking phone orders. We open at 10:30 and if we have eclipse viewers to sell, we’ll be happy to sell them to you. I predict we’ll go through the supply we have before noon.

    Please refer to other postings here to learn about other options for viewing the eclipse if you’re not able to get the eclipse viewers.

  13. Will you be getting anymore viewers in before the eclipse? We will surely make some if necessary, but we would prefer to buy them if at all possible.
    If you won’t be getting anymore, can you refer us to anyone else that may have some?

    Thank you so much!

  14. We completely ran out of eclipse viewers at about noon today. Please join us for free public viewing of the eclipse at:

    The Gateway by the Olympic fountain,
    Library Square,
    U of U South Phyics Observatory,
    Weber State University (Ogden) Lind Lecture Hall,
    Sam’s Club parking lot (Murray),
    and in Sandy at the Dimple Dell Recreation Center at 106th South & 10th East.

    The eclipse begins at 6:20 PM and goes until sunset at about 8:30 PM.

  15. Any possible, REMOTE chance another shipment will come in before Sunday?

    That. Would. Be. AWESOME.

    I’d probably sleep outside for them.

    Just saying.

  16. I heard the Leonardo might be getting a shipment of the glasses in Saturday morning.

  17. Yes – I just heard that, too. Word is they’re supposed to receive a shipment today. The Leonardo (located at Library Square, 2nd East & 5th South) opens at 11AM. Their phone number is 801-531-9800.

    If you can’t get eclipse glasses but you still want to see the eclipse, please join us at one of the several locations we’ll be operating with volunteers from the Salt Lake Astronomical Society and the U of U.

  18. I just want to say thanks for your comments if I never saw them I wouldn’t be able to get those glasses so thank you.

  19. Frank
    I believe every organization has run out of the glasses. The Leonardo had some still but you have to get a membership to get them. The Natural History Museum ran out days ago. We’ve also run out.

    We will have several viewing parties tomorrow across the Salt Lake Valley where you can safely view the eclipse:
    Downtown Salt Lake City at The Gateway (near the fountain west of the Union Pacific Depot Building) – located at approximately 450 West & South Temple.

    Downtown Salt Lake City at Library Square – located at approximately 200 East and 500 South.

    Downtown University of Utah South Physics Observatory – located at 125 South and 1400 East.

    Murray, in front of the Sam’s Club at 6525 S. State Street, at the west end of the parking lot.

    Sandy at the Dimple Dell Recreation Center – located at 10600 South and 1000 East.

    Also, Weber State University (Ogden, Utah) will be opening up their observatory and will have a solar telescope and staff available.

    You can also make a pinhole projector if you want. It’s a great activity if you have kids and you can use it at other times of year. Here’s the link to the article:

  20. Any word of the shipment of glasses before the Transition of Venus?

  21. We are getting 10,000 new solar viewers next Tuesday the 29th, or maybe the 30th if the holiday messes up our delivery. We are going to take orders over the phone for shipping thru the end of next Wednesday the 30th. We will also do pre-paid purchases with a credit card over the phone to ensure people they can get them. If folks want to get ahead they can call the store to place an order at 385-468-1264.

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